Tori Lala True Matte Lip Creams


It should be noted that the following Tori Lala True Matte Lip Creams were sent to me by Tori Lala, however it does not change my review or opinion of these products in any way.

Tori Lala’s Official description: TRUE MATTE is a highly pigmented formula that glides on as a liquid and dries to a kiss proof matte finish without dehydrating the lips. Vegan & Cruelty Free Net wt 5.3g/0.19 oz


Left to Right: Ooh Bae, Slink, Infatuated

These Tori Lala True Matte Lip Creams are very easy to apply, the wand and consistency of this product really allows it to glide on the lips with ease. They dry down to a matte without giving the lips a dry or streaky appearance.
Tori Lala’s True Matte Lip Creams are weightless and can feel like nothing has been placed on your lips. Typically, matte liquid lipsticks are not the most moisturizing products ever and some even tend to dry up your lips. So, if your lips tend to get dry easily, they can give you a dry feeling in the center of your lips.
Since this happens to be an issue for me personally, I tried the product alone and also after applying lip balm. With some matte liquid lipsticks, this can affect the wear time and finish of the product. I came to the conclusion that using lip balm with Tori Lala’s product does not affect either of these factors. The product still easily lasts all day without cracking, smudging, or transferring and all without needing a reapplication.


The only issue I found with this product was the removal of it. Tori Lala’s Matte Lip Creams do not come off with ease, which can be a good thing if you’re out and about until you want it to come off. When I say they’re difficult to remove, I don’t mean they’ll never come off. I found that they come off with vaseline, oils, or makeup remover solutions will remove it.

Overall, these lip products are very comfortable to wear with a matte and pigmented appearance. These are definitely worth trying out.
If you do try any of Tori Lala’s Matte Lip Creams, please let me know if you liked them like I did.
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  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for the review–it actually persuaded me to give this a try (in Infatuated) and I’m so glad I did! It’s my favorite of all the liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried so far. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt on the lips. When I first applied it, there was initially a bit of a “tightening” feel on my lips as it was drying. But then, after it dried, I was surprised that it felt comfortable and light, without drying them out. They are also truly transfer proof (was impressed it stayed on even after eating and drinking–it didn’t even leave a stain on my coffee cup). The color was also just right on me, neither too brown nor red. Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you loved it!
      Honestly it’s such a good liquid lipstick formula that reeeeallly lasts without transferring. (Also I’m really glad you loved Infatuated, it’s become a favorite go to of mine)


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