Beauty Creations: Long Wear Matte Lip Gloss

PRICE: $4.99
Available at: Treasured Beauty (Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” for 10% off)

The color selection for these is really pretty, and they have a few dupes for high end brands. Although, there are a few things you should know before purchasing any.@beautyc.jpg

They feel really nice when you apply them on, but once they’re dry they’re a bit sticky.
To me they either kind of smell like a barbie that is suppose smell like fruit or nothing at all. This smell is only faintly noted when the tube is opened, you won’t smell anything once you’re actually applying it on your lips.

Even though they’re matte, I don’t find them to dry my lips up. They don’t crumble which is a plus… unless you continuously add layers of product (In which casein starts clumping up in the center of the lips).

The last time of these is really good. They’ll last all day (So long as you avoid anything oily), but at the end of the day I find them to be extremely difficult to remove completely. This can be really annoying, especially if you want to change your lip color throughout the day… but if not, then these are perfect for you.

If you’re thinking of getting any of the nude/lighter colors, they’re really pigmented and good. Same goes for the pinks. However, the red colors, or any with a purple undertone, aren’t as pigmented as the rest. It’s not that they aren’t pigmented, it’s just that you’ll need to add a second layer so it doesn’t look patchy (Wait till the first layer dries). Below will be a list of those that need a second layer.


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