Color Kill: Pure Matte Lipstick


PRICE: $16

Available at: Color Kill Makeup

This is the LONGEST LASTING lipstick I’ve ever tried (As far as a traditional lipstick. However it did last about the same as a liquid lipstick). I was genuinely surprised with how long it lasted. I went the whole day without retouching it, and it still looked pretty fresh. Of course the center of the mouth did come off a bit, but BARELY noticeable.
It’s very comfortable once it’s on. Honestly it has like a thick creamy type of texture when you rub your lips together, but overall you don’t feel it on.
Does not make your lips feel dry what so ever.
High pigmentation. One swipe and you’re done.
These do not melt easily. You know how sometimes you accidentally leave a lipstick in your car or somewhere hot and you come back to find a melted lipstick? Well I’ve done that countless times with these lipsticks and so far they haven’t melted and are in perfect condition.

Well for one… $16 for a traditional type lipstick…
The actual application of the product is not very fun. It’s not difficult to apply, but it does feel like you’re dragging your lips. It does not glide on with ease. The lipstick itself is very thick.
I found that even if I exfoliate and moisturize my lips prior to applying, it still kind of emphasizes the lines on my lips.


Above, I am wearing Color Kill Makeup’s Pure Matte Lipstick “Shogun.”

It’s a light and natural color that doesn’t necessarily pop, but it does give the lips a little noticeable color.
Honestly this is my favorite shade out of all the Color Kill Makeup lipsticks (From both Pure Matte and Mega Matte formulas).
Is it my favorite to wear?
Yes and no. If I’m in a hurry it’s not a quick color to go to, application wise. But, I do love keeping this lipstick in my purse because it goes with every look and it’s very comfortable.

Yes, they are worth it.
Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d get them again though.
Mostly because for the same price you can get Color Kill Makeup’s Mega Matte Liquid Lipstick, which that give you that matte finish and will apply on with ease. Personally, when I use a tradtional lipstick, I like it to glide on and go.
If the application of this product was smoother, I’d love it even more. I suppose that’d compromise the formula and last time of though.
Overall these lipsticks definitely surprised me, and they eventually applying them grew on me because of how long and perfectly pigmented they lasted with comfort. They surpass many liquid lipsticks in that way.

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