Colour Pop Ultra Mattes



Available at: ColourPop

If you have never tried Colourpop’s Ultra Mattes, let me break it down for you with their highlights and downfalls.

The price ($6) is amazing compares to many other liquid lipsticks
I have a wide range of their Ultra Matte shades, and the pigmentation of all the shades is amazing
They stay on for a very long time (The center of the mouth may need a retouch after eating and such, but that’s about it)
The feel of it when it’s on is very lightweight

These are VERY drying and can lead to irritation (you may want to use lip balm or some type of lip moisturizer prior to use)
The product itself is very watery and will drip out of the bottle if slanted/held upside down. (You also may want to leave it in the fridge for a good while when you first recieve the product)
In most of the darker shades, I find that you can see the lines of your lips a little more.
These are difficult to remove

Overall you can decide if you like them on not. They’re definitely manageable

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