How To Color Correct

What is Color Correcting?:

Don’t know what color correcting is?… If you’ve been on instagram and have seen videos of girls putting crazy amounts of oranges, greens, pinks, and all those crazy colors all over their face. Well… that’s what color correcting is… in a dramatic sense.

Color correcting is using different color concealers in order to hide any discoloration (such as redness or dark circles) in the skin that is harder to cover up with just foundation.

What You Need To Know Before You Begin Color Correcting:

You must understand the color wheel (This will help to ensure you use the appropriate color if you’re ever unsure of what color to choose )

You must understand what each color does (Click here to find out)

Know where to apply any color correcting products (Only on the issue area)

There are different color correcting products to be aware of

Know when it is appropriate to color correct (If your foundation is full coverage or your discoloration isn’t very noticeable, you do not always need to color correct)

Applying too much of any color correcting shade will made the skin appear to be that color (Ex: Too much green will make the area appear to be green, thus not resolving anything)

Steps To Color Correcting:

1. Prep and prime your face. (Note: Coloring correction is done BEFORE your foundation application)

2. Assess the areas with discoloration (Any redness, yellowness in the skin, dark under eyes, etc.)

3. Ask yourself if it will be covered with just foundation alone or your regular concealer. If not enough, then it’s time to begin color correcting

4. Find which color correcting shade is best suited to hide the problem area (Click here to see what colors are available and what each shade does)

5. Once you have found the right color to use, apply a small amount to the problem area

5. Be sure not to put too much because then the area will look whatever color you use (Ex: If you use too much green to cover redness, the area will look green when you blend it out)

6. Lightly blend it out. The two colors (Original color of the skin and the color correcting product) should cancel each other out so you should not see either shade.

7. If you need to, you can very lightly re-do steps 5-7, if not then continue on to step 8

8. Once you are satisfied, continue your foundation routine as you would normally

What Each Color Corrector Does

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