What Each Color Corrector Does

Why Are There So Many Different Colors?

I know color correcting may seem super confusing at first because there are so many different colors to choose from. Each color has purpose, once you understand what colors cancel out each other, it becomes a lot easier. Every color correcting shade cancels out a specific discoloration in the skin, which is why there are so many shades to choose from.

Understanding the Color Wheel To Find The Right Shade To Use


So basically, the colors directly across from each other on the color wheel are complementary colors. This means that when they are next to each other, they make each other stand out more and often appear brighter or more vibrant. However, when they are mixed, they will cancel each other out (meaning they make each other kind of disappear).

What Each Color Correcting Shade Cancels Out:

Each color cancels each other out and may be used vise versa.
The darker the discoloration/skin tone, the darker the color correcting shade.
The lighter the discoloration/skin tone, the lighter the color correcting shade.

Green: Cancels out Red
Any acne, rosy cheeks, etc.

Red: Cancels out Green
Any green discoloration that may appear on the face. Sometimes the under eye area can appear to be green. If your skin tone is on the lighter side, this may be too harsh for you so you may want to try a Salmon/Peach color corrector

Orange: Cancels out Blue
Usually blueness appears under the eyes, so the orange shade is good to conceal those blue hues and brighten up the under eye area. Orange shades are generally meant for tan-dark skin tones. For someone with fair skin, this would be too harsh and would make the skin look orange instead of resolving the issue

Salmon/Peach: Cancels out Blue
There are orangey hues in this shade so it is generally used to cancel out lighter blue shades and brighten up the face. This is also a more appropriate shade to use for anyone with fair/light skin tones

Violet: Cancels out Yellow
For those who have a yellow appearance in the skin, there are violet/purple color correcting creams and primers which can be applied to the entire face to minimize the yellow appearance of the skin

This doesn’t cancel any colors out, generally used for fair skin tones as a highlight shade

Yellow: Cancels out Purple
This can be used to hide dark veins, or under eyes that appear to be more purple than blue

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