ABH Modern Renaissance vs. Beauty Creations Irresistible 

Top Row: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ($42)

Bottom Row: Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette ($9.99)

Both palettes are cruelty free.

photo of the Irresistible palette above was found online

Beauty Creations’ Irresistible Palette has recently come out and without a doubt the name certainly fits (See Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette Review). It’s a cute palette consisting of fifteen different shades, which is one more shade than the Modern Renaissance palette. The Irresistible Palette is definitely a good dupe for it. Names of the shades are all the same so you know which is suppose to be which, there are about 3 shades that appear lighter in the Irresistible palette (“Buon Fresco,” “Tempera,” and “Red Ochre”).

Same swatches, different lighting.

Left: ABH Modern Renaissance  ($42)

Right: Beauty Creations Irresistible ($9.99)

As far as the texture of the eyeshadows, Modern Renaissance’s eyeshadow have a slight creamier feel but it’s not by much. Other these factors, the only other differences you’d find is the packaging, brand name, and $30 more in your pocket.

If you’re wondering about how each of these compare performance wise, well they’re honestly the exact same. Good pigmentation with the exception of the shade “Love Letter.”

Photo via my snapchat (@DaisynaKatrine)

Where to get the “Irresistible” Palette: Treasured Beauty (Discount Code: ” DUPEDIARIES”)

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