Offa Beauty Product Review

It should be noted that all the Offa Beauty products mentioned in this post were given to me for review purposes. However, this does not in any way change my opinion of any of these products. All reviews on Dupe Diaries are 100% honest.

For any one who has never heard of or tried Offa Beauty, they are a cruelty free and vegan brand which carries affordable lashes, beauty sponges, and brushes. With this being said I received three brushes from their Classy brush collection and their OTM 2000 Blending Sponge.


The first brush I tried out was this “Angled Bro & Mascara Dual Brush” ($8.99). I loved the spooly side because it was definitely firm and not harsh on my eyebrows (Sometimes spoolies tend to make my eyebrow hair fall out when I brush them).


As for the brush side, the bristles are soft and worked well when I tried it with pomades and powders. However, the thickness of the brush is not convenient for anyone who does not have thick eyebrows; if the brush was a bit smaller this brush would be perfect.


This “Blending Brush” ($9.99) was the next brush I tried out. Its bristles are super soft and  packed. I loved this brush for blending the smaller areas of my eyelid. As far as blending eyeshadow on the eyelid as a whole, it wasn’t very ideal.


It’s not a large brush so it was much more suitable for blending areas in small portions and especially the areas closer to the inner corner of the eye. Since this brush is a bit more packed, I found that it’s perfect for packing on eyeshadows and pigments and then lightly buffing out any lines.


I was excited for the next product, which was the “Blending Sponge- OTM 2000.” It’s always exciting to try out a new tool or a differently made sponge to apply on foundation. The “Blending Sponge- OTM 2000” came with a large pale pink sponge and a tiny black sponge. Appearance wise, these are super cute and standard shape wise. They expand the same like most sponges do when soaked with water. Performance wise, these are not my favorite. When I apply my foundation like normal, I notice the larger sponge eats up the majority of my liquid foundation. It’s definitely better suited for thicker creams and concealers; I noticed it doesn’t soak those in as much. As far as baking/setting my face using the larger sponge, it worked like a charm, so that was great.

I don’t normally find the smaller sponges to be something I really go for, but this one was great for blending out my concealer under my eyes and setting it with powder.


The last and final brush I tried out is the “Multi-Face Brush” ($15.99). Like the other brushes mentioned before, the bristles on this brush are equally as soft to the touch. The box itself says Highlighter, but I really wanted to test it out, so I used it to bake, contour, and highlight my face. I used all the face products I normally use, the only difference was the brush. It really did the job well and easily blended and packed everything on perfectly.


There was nothing I didn’t like about this brush. It’s lightweight, flexible, super soft (great for anyone who has very sensitive skin like me), and really packs on products while also being able to blend them out properly.

So overall, with the exclusion of the blending sponge, Offa Beauty really did impress me. Their brushes perform well, their bristles are super soft to the touch, they’re lightweight, and simply classy.



Instagram: @OffaBeauty

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