Tori Lala Demi Matte Lip Creams

Price: $16.99
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Vegan?: Yes
Discount Code: “DIARIES”
Where is it available?:

It should be noted that these Demi Matte Lip Creams were sent to me by Tori Lala Cosmetics, but that in no way has altered my review or options on the products.

Now a days having matte lipstick has become such a big deal, but we don’t always want to reach for a completely matte lipstick because many different formulas can be very drying and irritating. So how are the Tori Lala Demi Matte Lip Creams?


The best way I can describe this product to you is that it is somewhere between a traditional lipstick and a lipgloss. When I say that it is between both, I simply mean it has the better qualities of both types of products in one. It contains the same type of lip coverage a traditional lipstick would give you, with the form and application of a gloss, while having the feel of both. Below I have made a list of the pros and cons I found after using this product multiple times.

Lasts longer than regular lipstick (Generally lasts a long time, you may need to reapply, however this is not often. Throughout the day, I usually only have to reapply about twice, only because of eating a drinking)

Doesn’t have a dry feeling (it’s really moisturizing)

Not sticky at all (HUGE PLUS! I hate anything with a sticky feel on the lips!)

Does not feel thick like most lip glosses/lip creams

Very pigmented (You only need one thin layer)

Application is smooth

Packaging is elegant and cute

Size of the product is very convenient to carry around anywhere

Unlike a trational lipstick, it does not melt

It is vegan

Not tested on animals

Scent: It’s similar to The Balm’s long lasting liquid lipsticks… there’s really nothing else I can compare it to. It’s a unique scent, not a strong scent or a bad one.

The product does transfer easily

You may need to reapply later in the day, however it does last relatively longer than lip glosses, lip creams, and most traditional lipsticks

It doesn’t look completely matte, it has a bit of a matte shine (The product doesn’t completely dry down to a matte, so this is was kind of expected)

The cost of this product may not be ideal to some people (Note that it is curelty free and vegan)

Overall would I recommend this product?
I really do think this product is of high quality and worth trying out. Personally, I love something more moisturizing and something that doesn’t completely dry down. If you like something that’s going to last you all day without needing a reapplication, or even something that dries all the way down, then this may not be for you.

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