Peeks Cosmetics: Liquid Lipstick

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Price: $14.00

Available at:

It should be noted that I was sent all seven of the following Peeks Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks, however this in no way affects my opinion or review on these products. All reviews on Dupe Diaries are always completely honest. 

Left to Right: “Nudie Cutie,” “Skinny Dipping,” “Bikini Summer,” “Softly Tamed,” and “Mistletoe

So first of all, I LOVE the color selection of these liquid lipsticks. Every single color looks amazing, even “Nudie Cutie,” which really surprised me because Nudes that light never look that appealing to me when I actually apply them.

Alright so with that aside, let’s talk about how well these liquid lipsticks perform. 

When you apply them, you’ll notice how thin the product is. It’s not watery, nor will it drip, it’s just thin. This is kind of difficult to explain because I can’t compare it to any other liquid lipstick out there. There isn’t a scent or feel when it’s applied, it kind of just feels like you’re taking a wand with no product and gliding it over your lips. As it dries, if you rub your lips together the product feels very creamy and nice. Once they completely dry, the colors are gorgeous, look completely matte, lightweight, don’t have a dry feeling, they last all day (Even if you eat oily/soupy foods), and they’re pretty hard to take off.

Top to Bottom: “Sleigh Rides”  (A bright red with gold sparkles), “Christmas Jubilee” (A plum color with golden sparkles)

With all this being said, I found two cons with this product. Certain colors (“Nudie Cutie,” “Mistletoe,” and Christmas Jubilee”) are  streaky (“Mistletoe” and “Christmas Jubilee” are more on the sheer side which can make it appear streaky). A second layer will be needed to these shades, which fortunately does not affect the comfort of the product. On the topic of comfort… these liquid lipsticks do have a stick to them. If you’re like me and hate anything sticky on your lips, this can be very irritating. The amazing thing about this is that after you’ve applied the liquid lipstick, you can apply your favorite lip balm/chap stick and the problem is resolved. After I apply lip balm over this product, I feels like I have nothing on my lips and the stickiness is completely gone. My favorite thing about this little solution is that even after applying lip balm over this product, it still does not transfer what so ever which honestly shocked me. The last time is the exact same, maybe a bit better because the center of the lip won’t crack at the end of the day.

Overall, I was beyond glad that the only cons I found with this liquid lipstick were totally resolvable because I honestly love the color selection.

So would I recommend this product? Yes. As long as you put lip balm over this product, it super amazing especially if you’re looking for something to last you all day and night.

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