ABH: Dusty Rose Alternatives

All of the following have similar color schemes, they are the closest cruelty free alternatives I found with good pigmentation and quality. Below are each broken down: 

Dusty Rose ($20): Honestly ABH liquid lipsticks are not my favorite. I notice they tend to crack in the center of the lips very early on. These do dry down to a matte, however I notice that they transfer and can be pretty sticky. Not something I’d recommend, especially for $20.

Stone ($18): This is a Vegan alternative. Stone is a little more mauve than the rest of the shades. Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks are pretty amazing. They have a slight scent of vanilla cake batter (eventually the scent goes away from the product), and are very moisturizing/non drying on the lips. These dry down to a matte and tend to last all day, though they can transfer a bit.

Posie K ($17): Kylie Cosmetics has been reviewed so many times, so both good and bad has been said. Overall they’re very pigmented and pretty comfortable to wear (Can be pretty drying is you don’t moisturize your lips before applying). They last all day and can be difficult to remove. These do have a strong scent of vanilla which doesn’t seem to ever fade away. Side note: Even though the lip pencil is amazing and creamy, it is not worth it’s price. It’s much better getting the individual liquid lipstick.

Precious ($9): This shade is a little bit lighter than the rest, but not by much. For the most part this is an affordable liquid lipstick that stays on well. It may need a reapplocation in the center of the lips at some point in the day. Overall has good pigmentation and performs well. 

Lumière ($5): This one from ColourPop is a lil pencil so it will transfer (not as easily as a traditional lipstick). The shade is really pretty and it’s not as pinkish in tone as Dusty Rose, but it’s fairly close. As far as performance, it’s very pigmented and creamy to apply. The only con about this one is when you sharpen it it doesn’t really go to a point, and sometimes the product tends to come out of the tube after you’ve sharpened it.

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