Peeks Cosmetics: Lip Gloss

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Price: $12

Available at:

Top to Bottom: “Dollhouse” (a light pink), “Control” (purple gloss with some pink sparkles), “Sultry” (a true red)

It should be noted that I was sent all three of the following Peeks Cosmetics Lip Glosses, however this in no way affects my opinion or review on these products. All reviews on Dupe Diaries are always completely honest

Usually, with lip glosses, it’s either a hit it or miss. With Peeks Cosmetics Lip Glosses, it’s definitely a hit. 

The application is very smooth and easy. The product is not thick, but it does have a slight scent. It’s sort of an odd scent. Almost like what those plastic strawberry short cake babies smell like, but not as sweet. I noticed that “Dollhouse” had this scent the strongest, but you don’t smell it once the product is applied onto the lips. Lip glosses aren’t generally drying so it’s no surprise that these were on the more moisturizing side of the lip product spectrum. The thing that I absolutely love the most about these lip glosses is that they aren’t sticky or uncomfortable, however when you rub your lips together they have a thick creamy feel (This is not all too appealing if you do tend to rub your lips together. It should also be noted that the actual product itself does not feel thick on the lips and is very lightweight).

Like most lip glosses, these do transfer and will need a reapplication at some point in the day; especially if you’re eating and or drinking. 

Pigmentation wise, “Control” and “Sultry” were very pigmented so one layer of these is definitely enough. Since “Dollhouse” is a light pink, layering it on may be necessary; one layer of “Dollhouse gives you a sheer pink glossy tint on the lips so you don’t get the full color of it. Like I said, these will need a reapplication at some point in the day. However, I did notice that “Sultry” is an exception to this. It’s a beautiful true red and once it does transfer off, you’ll see that it leaves a tint of red on your lips much like a lip stain (I personally liked a bit more than the dramatic glossy red even if it is super pretty, which is why I said it’s an exception as far as needing a reapplication). 

So would I recommend these? Absolutely! These aren’t the only colors Peeks Cosmetics carries so there’s more to choose from. Lip glosses are my personal favorite lip products to use, but not every lip gloss impresses me because of the thickness and stickiness most lip glosses have. Peeks Cosmetics Lip Glosses made me excited about lip glosses all over again, they’re definitely amazing and super comfortable so I’d highly recommend these if you’re looking into getting a high quality lip gloss.

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