All the brands showcased above are cruelty free (See Cruelty Free Lists for more)
The following are also vegan: Black Moon Cosmetics and Cryptic Cosmetics (See Vegan List for more)

Beauty Creations:

This liquid lipstick will last a very long time, however you should refrain from layering this product because it will tend to crack. Overall it is difficult to remove, but worth the beautiful look it gives you for the day.

Coloured Raine:
Overall a comfortable feel, you can layer this product on and still be comfortable. I don’t find that it necessarily lasts all day, but overall a good and comfortable liquid lipstick.

Ladé Cosmetics:
First of all, the thing I love most about the way these liquid lipsticks are formulated is that they are not sticky at all. They dry down completely matte and no real feel to them. It’s very lightweight, but they can be drying if you decide to layer it (However with the amount of pigmentation you get get, you won’t really need to; except for one of their red shades “Ms. Marilyn”). Overall they comfortabley last all day (With the exception of the center of the mouth) with a strawberry chocolate scent throught the time you wear them.

Black Moon:
This product has an amazing formula that stays on for the majority of the day without cracking. Of course if you’re constantly eating and drinking, you may need reapply in the center (Any oily/greasy foods will remove it faster). However overall this liquid lipstick has a comfortable feel and vanilla like scent.

“Bijou” is a satin matte so it will transfer, however it is relatively more comfortable than their ultra matte formula. This satin matte formula liquid lipstick may not last you all day, but it will be comfortable, easy to reapply/layer, and give a beautiful finish.

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