Peeks Cosmetics: Matte Lipstick

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Price: $12

Available at:

It should be noted that I was sent all three of the following Peeks Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks, however this in no way affects my opinion or review on these products. All reviews on Dupe Diaries are always completely honest

Left to Right: “A-List,” “Wineberry Baby,” and “Peeks Empire

I receive three of the traditional type of lipsticks Peeks Cosmetics carries. These don’t have a scent and are beyond creamy and silky smooth when applied on the lips. They feel super amazing and really blew me away. As far as them being matte, yes they’re matte but still have a little shine to them. By them having a shine I don’t mean a creamy or glossy shine like a creamy non-matte lipstick or a lip gloss, I simply mean it doesn’t look completely matte and dried down like a liquid lipstick does. I find that this is actually common with matte lipsticks.

All three shades seemed to really last a good while. Most traditional creamy lipsticks don’t last long after eating and such, so it transferring should not really be a surprise; for standard lipsticks it should be kind of expected. 

Wineberry Baby: I enjoyed this one the most because it was the creamiest out of the three, and it is a true wine color which I don’t normally go for but there’s something about this shade that made the exception. 

A-List: A sheer bright strawberry type of red. Of the three, this one was the only one that was light and will need a second to third layer. Other than it being more sheer, there was no difference in performance.

Peeks Empire: This is a really pigmented red, and the most pigmented shade in one swipe out of all three matte lipsticks I received. It’s not too dark and not too light, so it’s pretty much a perfect red shade for most skin types. (If you’re a bit more on the fair side like me, this shade may make you look a bit lighter like it did me; honestly I expect this from red shades)

So would I recommend these? Yes, especially Wineberry Baby, if you want something more moisturizing and are okay with reapplying after eating and such. But I would not recommend them if you’re looking for something that will not transfer and will last you all day. If long lasting is what you want, I’d look at their liquid lipsticks instead.

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