Jeffree Star Cosmetics: 714 Alternatives


It should be noted that 714 was part of JSC Limited Edition 2016 Summer Collection
These are all cruelty free options to choose from.
Tho NYX’s “Chic” is in a tradition lipstick form, it is still a similar color to “714.” It is very comfortable to wear and an inexpensive option.

J.Cat’s “Peach Fuzzies” is part of their Lip Coolers, so it’s not really a super long last matte. The last time is not as long as most liquid lipsticks as it is a soft matte and they tend to be more light weight and transferable.

Although Ofra’s “Panama” costs more that “714,” it is still available unlike the Limited Edition shade. This one does has a good were time and is comfortable, the biggest down fall with these is the smell. It’s not bad… but it’s also not very good.

Last but not least, LA Girl’s Fantasy. This one is among the more affordable liquid lipsticks with high pigmentation and long wear time. However, you should know that these liquid lipsticks can be drying (Try lip balm before applying to prevent this), and extremely difficult to remove (Lip exfoliator or oils will help).

Hopefully you found this helpful. There are definitely other brands that carry similar colors, these are just a few that I found.

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