Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Watermelon Soda Alternatives


Alternatives above were found prior to the the product’s release date and chosen to the best of my abilities, based on photographs posted by Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Watermelon Soda is a Summer 2016 Limited Edition color that you can find from other brands. The formulas are not all the same, and of thee four brands above, JSC is the only Vegan brand.

Ofra’s “Santa Monica” and NYX’s “Life’s A Beach” are both very comfortable to wear and both brand last a long time. (You should know that Ofra’s liquid lipsticks have a unique smell. It’s not bad, but it’s also not good. Honestly, it’s just weird and I’d prefer if they didn’t smell like anything)

Although Colourpop’s “Brooklyn” is a very close match to JSC’s “Watermelon Soda,” it is in Colourpop’s Ultra Satin formula. This just means that although it does try down matte, it is more soft and creamy in texture and does not last as long. It does transfer, however it is extremely comfortable to wear and still gives you a beautiful matte finish.

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