Kylie Cosmetics: 22 Dupes


It should be noted that ONE Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit is $31.18+shipping

There are definitely other brands that carry similar colors, these are just some that I found to be similar.

Colourpop is certainly an affordable brand that has become increasingly popular because of their low price and good quality. If you have never tried Colourpop liquid lipsticks, I would definitely recommend NOT going for their Ultra Mattes first (Try their Satin Mattes, they don’t last as long, but they’re a lot more comfortable). The Ultra Mattes are long lasting and super pigmented, but some are really watery and SUPER drying. Unfortunately, Colourpop Succulent is an Ultra Matte, so be sure to use lip balm before you apply it and stay well hydrated.

NYX’s Liquid Suedes are on a love hate basis, you either love them or you hate them. Honestly, it’s not a go to type of liquid lipstick… but they do have really pretty colors at affordable prices.
They do last a long time and they’re comfortable for the most part, but I always find there to be a little stick to them.

LA Splash’s “Hypnotized” has a comfortable wear, you won’t feel it on once its dry… but you should know that LA Splash liquid lipsticks are extremely hard to take off and may require a lip exfoliator of some kind. Apply with care… you don’t want to get stuck looking like a clown.

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