Kylie Cosmetics: Angel Dupes


All products listed above are cruelty free (See cruelty free list for more)
BellaPierre and Ofra are both also vegan

Of all the different brands/formulas listed above, my favorite is Colourpop’s “Alyssa.” It is a satin matte, so it does transfer, however it is super light weight and the most comfortable to wear.

Bellapierre and Beauty Creations are extremely similar to one another in both appearance and feel. They both have the exact same packaging and wand, though BellaPierre’s wand is slightly taller. The feel of the two is so identical you wouldn’t know which is which. Both last a very long time and can sometimes be a bit drying on your lips, so layering them on would not be such a good idea not that you’d need to since both brands are super pigmented. Although these are both extremely similar, I included both because for those who are subscribed to BoxyCharm, you would have recieved it in your Novemeber box.

If you haven’t tried Ofra’s liquid lipsticks, it should be noted that the smell of them is not the most pleasant. Despite the liquid lipstick actually lasting all day without any discomfort, sticking, cracking, or drying, the smell does seem to linger on the whole day with it. Personally, I’m big on smell so I don’t enjoy that masked chemically odd smell, but if you can go past that then it’s definitely a really nice liquid lipstick to try out.

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