Kylie Cosmetics: Burgundy Palette Dupes


All dupes/ alternatives shown above are cruelty free. See cruelty free list for more.
Kylie Jenner’s “The Burgundy Palette” is not exactly all shimmer, nor is it all matte. The dupes/alternatives listed above do carry some differences I should mention.

Morphe’s 35F “Fall Into Frost” Palette: The majority of this palette is all shimmers (With the exception of a few). However, it does cover the more “unique” shades Kylie’s palette has to offer. Most, if not all, of shades from “The Burgundy Palette” can be found on the 35F, however the matte formula may be compromised as this is a more shimmery palette. I decided upon this Morphe palette mostly because the overall color scheme this palette offers. It is more true to the fall/burgundy theme that Kylie’s palette seemed to be going for.
If you don’t like too much shimmer in your shadows or want something with more mattes but still similar and within the Morphe brand, you can try Morphe’s 35O Palette.

Be Bella’s Guatemalan HotMama Palette: This palette (going based off released swatches and photographs of “The Burgundy Palette”) is probably the most similar of all these alternatives. It carries pretty much every color in the Kylie Palette and more. What in particular struck me the most about this palette was the raspberry colors similar to the middle shade in Kylie’s palette. This one does carry most of the colors that come in Kylie’s palette, although I can say that this palette carries browns that seem to be a bit more warm toned than that of the “Burgundy Palette.” However, Be Bella’s palettes are among my favorites of all time because of the affordable price and high quality pigment (This one was a collab, hence the higher price on this particular palette). I highly recommend you try their palettes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Now this one in particular has a similar color scheme to “The Burgundy Palette,” however it is not completely the same. Honestly this palette did not come out too long ago, so if you happened to get your hands on this palette then there’s really no need to get “The Burgundy Palette.”

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