Kylie Cosmetics Pumpkin Alternatives


These are just a few that I found to be similar. They were found prior to the launch on, so I cannot say for certain that they are the exact same.

Kleancolor’s Hippy (1605) may be a little bit darker than Kylie’s Pumpkin but none the less still a gorgeous color. Kleancolor’s liquid lipsticks are very affordable pricing at $1.99, however they do have a little stick to them (which isn’t so bad considering the price).

BH Cosmetic’s Clara looks like a good match, however this one was chosen based off of swatches and photographs from Kylie Cosmetics and Bh Cosmetics.

Although Lime Crime hasn’t officially come out with Cindy ($20) yet, looking at the lip swatch on Lime Crime’s website, it does look to be very identical to the new Kylie Lip Kit.

Ofra’s Miami Fever in my opinion is a very close match to pumpkin. This one might be a little more orange than Pumpkin, but personally I find Ofra’s liquid lipsticks to be more worth it. Even though they don’t smell amazing like Kylie’s kits, Ofra’s formula is less drying than Kylie’s.

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