Bdellium Tools Lipstick Review

Note: All of the products mentioned were sent to me complimentary as part of Bdellium Tools Product Review Program, however this in no way effects my review. All reviews posted on Dupe Diaries are always 100% honest.


Scarlett OH Matte Lipstick and Dark Carnival Matte Lipstick are shown above

Honestly this photograph does neither of these shades justice. These shades are very pigmented and have a very true matte finish. “Scarlett OH” glides on easily, both when swatched on the arm and when applied on the lips. As for “Dark Carnival,” this shade applies with ease on the lips, but doesn’t swatch as amazingly as it appears on the lips. Application wise, “Scarlett OH” is a bit easier to put on.

Note: These do not have a scent what so ever


Shown above is “Dark Carnival”

The very first initial swatch (When the product is first opened) was sheer and needed  second layer. However, I found it was just the very first swipe. This shade really surprised me because it is very pigmented and not streaky/splotchy, which I find is not something very easy to find in such a deep shade especially in vegan cosmetics.

I didn’t find any downsides to this product except that this particular shade will tend to clump a bit (Not on your lips. Only on the lipstick itself and a bit on arm swatches. You are able to see it on the swatches above).


Shown above is “Scarlett OH”

This shade is super gorgeous and one swipe is definitely enough. It’s such a true cute red and like with “Dark Carnival,” it was very hard to find any faults within this product. In this shade particularly, I did not find one negative aspect. This lipstick is very pigmented, glides on easily, and stays on.


The packaging was my favorite thing about this lipstick, aside from its preformance. Officially this is my favorite packaging for a traditional type lipstick. This lipstick casing is magnetic so it will stay closed if you toss it in your purse, which is convenient (One con about this is that it can stick to other small magnetic things in your bag). I also really like the weight of these lipsticks as they are not too heavy for being magnetic and they are not too light. There’s really no other way for me to describe how much I really loved the appearance of these lipsticks. Overall the packaging is very simple yet elegantly cute.

Overall these products, in my opinion, are well worth purchasing. They’re easy to apply and they actually have a true matte appearance. Since they are traditional type lipsticks, they do transfer so how long they last really depends on what your day is like. I personally found them to last me just about all day (The only time I really need any reapplications with these is when I eat or drink, although they’re so pigmented that I find them not to transfer much product). Even though they’re matte, these do not give you a dry or cracked appearance or feel. They are so comfortable to wear, you don’t really feel them on unless you rub your lips (In which case it has a thick creamy smooth feel).

Official Product Description (Found on

Beautiful matte shade for colorful & irresistible lips
A one-click magnetic lipstick casing
Lightweight creamy formula that is nourishing & long lasting
Infused with Shea Butter & Macadamia Oil for the ultimate hydration
Paraben and perfume free; Net weight 3.5 g / 0.12 oz (individual)
Made in Korea
Cruelty Free

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