GLOW For A Cause

I am super excited to share about some amazing cruelty free body products from GLOW For A Cause (Like the name implies, there are great causes behind the brand. Each time you purchase their products, you are giving back to their partner non-profit organizations which are listed below). 

I was sent a Body Butter in the scent “Wish” and a solid perfume in the scent “Vibe” (A solid perfume! How crazy is that? Personally I’ve never seen a solid perfume done before, so this was exciting to me)

Perfume : $16.00 

(Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan Option Avalable)

Body Butter : $14.00 

(Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Cruelty Free, and Gluten Free)

Available at:

Scent wise I will say that each of these have a distinct clean smell. Like a fresh scent with a twist without being overbearingly strong. I’m huge on scents so these were amazing.

My skin happens to get very dry, especially my hands from washing them so often, so I’m constantly rubbing on some lotion/oil/butters; but when I used this body butter, I noticed my skin wasn’t oily/slippery like most body butters leave me. Normally, I stay away from scented lotion/oils/body butters because they irritate and further dry my skin but I was so glad that this body butter did the opposite. The body butter didn’t super moisturize my skin, but it made it feel normal and hydrated (With a shine/glow which, in my opinion, makes my skin look more radiant not oily).

The scent of “Wish” is a sweet fresh flowery scent. Texture wise, if you’ve ever touched the inside of a coconut that is basically how I would describe it. And as shown above, the body butter does not give off too much product per swipe.

As far as the solid perfume (left), it may not be convenient for everyone because you have to dip into it versus a sprits/roll and go (GLOW For A Cause also carries a roll-on perfume for each scent which is an easier option). With the solid perfume, the scent seems to last relatively longer (usually all day) rather than when I spray/roll on perfumes.

I received “Vibe,” which, to me, smells like a fresh earthy honey herbal scent. Texture wise, the easiest way to describe the solid perfume is similar to an oily candle. (A vegan blend is available. Ingredients for products are listed on

I truly loved the products I received, but more than that I love that brand uses these products we could use in our everyday lives in order to give back to various non-profit organizations that cover important issues in different areas. (Be sure to scroll down to see what each of them are)


Below is additional information about “GLOW For A Cause” which can be found on their website at

GLOW for a cause is a beauty company unlike any other. What started out as a quest to create the purest and highest quality body care products and soy candles has evolved into a glowing movement.

Founded by artist, teacher, and skincare productista, Johanna Querry Smith, GLOW for a cause is a passion project that makes both people and the world just a little more beautiful. GLOW for a cause products are made from the finest and purest ingredients available.

Every time you buy a GLOW for a cause product, you are not only pampering yourself, you are giving back to our partner non-profit organizations. Now that’s beauty that GLOWS on the inside and out.

Cowgirls vs. Cancer provides retreat scholarships for women with breast cancer to experience healing with horses and yoga in Montana.

Boston Firefighter’s Burn Foundation is comprised of Boston firefighters who volunteer their time to provide emotional and financial support to burn victims and their families.

The Red Sox Foundation provides tutoring, mentoring, enrichment programs and college scholarships to academically talented but economically disadvantaged students through their Red Sox Scholars Program.

PRANA Run animal protection nonprofit aims to advocate and protect all animal life through awareness, promotion, and outreach as well as endorsing and encouraging pet adoptions for companion animals.

Love, Vincent is a nonprofit organization that supplies care packages for dogs and cats who have been faced with a cancer diagnosis. Their mission is to provide love, support, and comfort to these animals and their families during this difficult time in their lives.

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center is a true no kill animal shelter in Colorado, giving animals, including the injured, abandoned and abused, a second chance at life.

Berni’s Journey is a cinematic quest that serves as a mirror for us to reflect on universal themes of happiness, hope, and living authentically. Answer the call of adventure and become the hero of your own story. http://

DisclaimerThe products mentioned in this post were sent to me. However, all opinions are my own and all reviews are always 100% honest on Dupe Diaries.

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