JSC: I’m Shook Dupes/Alternatives


All of the above suggested alternatives to “I’m Shook” by Jeffree Star Cosmetics are close in color as I could estimate as the color itself has not come out. I will say that the shade “I’m Shook” seems to be somewhere between “Mortis” and “Harvest” by Black Moon Cosmetics. It does not seem to be a true red, there are hints of an orange tone to it. Some of the alternatives above may be more rich reds than the JSC shade.

Please note that the alternatives listed above may not be exact as the shade itself has not yet been released. I have done my best to find good quality cruelty free products similar to the shade “I’m Shook” which is set to be released April 8, 2017.

Jeffree Star’s newest shade “I’m Shook” is his first (and only) collaboration on Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It is one of three products apart of the JSC x MannyMua collaboration which will retail for $18. Using the code “MANNYMUA” will discount the price of the product, it will also be available in a MannyMua x JSC bundle at a discounted price.

Above are cruelty free options along with some that are both cruelty free and vegan; Jeffree Star Cosmetics itself is also vegan and cruelty free.


Available At:






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  1. This is kind of confusing, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty free so why would someone pay just as much for a dupe? I’d love to see some lower priced dupes 🙂


    1. Some people, including myself, don’t approve with Jeffree Star’s conduct. Some of the shades listed are there for anyone who might already have those. These were found as alternatives prior to the shade releasing. Since I did not purchase the shade I will not be posting more alternatives/dupes for it 😕


      1. You don’t approve of him but you have no problem using his name and products to drive traffic to your site. That seems pretty hypocritical. No offense, I found your site looking for swatches of this product.


      2. Well actually I look for alternatives to his products per request because a lot of people don’t want to purchase from him but like the colors (I dupe other brands as well like Huda, lime crime, kylie, etc. To help anyone who wants something more affordable or different just formula) I think he’s really great in a business sense, but I don’t think the way he portrays his personality is of the best light. I have purchased a few of his products before really paying any attention to him. His products are really good without a doubt, it’s just the negativity surrounding his brand. I hope that makes sense. I don’t do it to drive traffic, I do it to help other’s who want a similar color, different formula/brand, or lower price tag. It takes a very long time to find good quality cruelty free dupes/alternatives, I wouldn’t do it if it were just for numbers on a screen 😔😟


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