Morphe Liquid Lipstick Review


Price: $12.99
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Vegan?: No
Finish: Matte
Scent: Like a chemically weird scent with a mix of a vanilla cake batter (Basically similar to the Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks with a mix of chemical scent)
Application: These glide on very smoothly and the product itself feels very buttery
Appearance: None of these seem to be streaky or need a second layer except “Morphe” and “Hollywood Nights.”
Feel/Comfort: The Morphe liquid lipsticks are lightweight and almost like you aren’t wearing anything. Even thought they dry down to a matte finish, they aren’t drying at all. I personally think the best part is that they’re not sticky at all.
Does It Transfer/Smudge?: No these do not smudge, however you happen to rub your lip it does smudge a bit (Not much. For the most part these stay in tact)
How Long Does It Last?: They tend to last all day. The shades that don’t last as long are “Morphe,” “Hollywood Nights,” and “Vanity” (These tend to come off in the center of the mouth.
Would I recommend?: Yes, these are super comfortable and probably one of my current favorites (My favorite shade is probably “Jealousy”… though I’m not too found of the name). These were a pleasant surprise honestly.

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