Beauty Creations Boudoir Palette Review

Available at: or in store at Treasured Beauty (use discount code: DUPEDIARIES in store or online)

Price: $14.99

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: No 

This palette consists of nine super pretty eyeshadows. I was first drawn to this palette because these are easy go to colors (the very top shade is more of a dark burgundy brown color which was probably my favorite in the palette). 

There are five matte shades (first 5 swatches) and four shimmery shades (bottom 4 swatches)

The packaging is super cute and lightweight (The packaging is made of cardboard and has a mirror).

Alright now on to the important question. How well does this palette perform? 

Overall I noticed that these were all very pigmented, the only shades that weren’t as pigmented as the rest is the black shade and the burgundy brownish shade (If you really want to pack on the pigment, they perform wonderfully with a packing brush or your finger). 

I find that blacks are super hard to come by so it always astonishes me that Beauty Creations continues to hit me with good blacks. This isn’t the deepest darkest black, but it’s a good black especially considering how affordable this palette is. 

As far as the shimmery shades, they’re all amazing and overall super pigmented and I didn’t notice any flaws with how they look or pack on. 

The only “downfall” (and I use “downfall” lightly) of all of these eyeshadows is that there is just a bit of product that kind up dusts up (Not literally dusting up). I honestly don’t find this to be an issue because you dont really lose product.

Overall would I recommend this palette? Yes. It’s a really afforable palette you can carry in your purse, use daily, and hit pan fast because these colors are gorgeous for all types of looks which is great because then you don’t have to go from palette to palette.

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