Beauty Creations Metallic Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Available at: or in store at Treasured Beauty 

Price: $

Cruelty Free?: Yes


Matte. There are currently 18 shades available. Each of which have a slight chocolately scent that isn’t too strong but also not faint.

Unlike the regular mattes, these matallic liquid lipsticks are more thin in forumla, more lightweight on the lips, and a bit more sheer (Personally I like the sheerness of some of these shades because they make gorgeous lip toppers. The more golden shades are the most pigmented whereas the red shades and the least and will require a second layer).

Some of the shades are matte with shimmer/glitter, some are true metallics and some are more duochrome than metallic but none the less they’re all still super gorgeous. The shade “Blindfolded” actually has a duochrome type finish (it’s a red with purple that looks gorgeous on the lips).

 Each of these swatch a lot better on the lips and the more sheer shades look pigmented and not streaky at all when a second layer is applied (It’s still lightweight. You only start to feel it after layer 4).

Finish wise, they’re absolutely gorgeous and don’t dry up the lips. However like the original Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Beauty Creations, these can be sticky (I find that applying non greasy lip balm after they’ve dried down helps with this).

These last about all day except in the center of the lips (it’ll crumble and crack after eating) and luckily they’re not impossible to remove unlike the original matte liquid lipsticks Beauty Creations has. Definitely different formulas but both affordable and gorgeous color selections. 

Personally, my favorites are “Lacy” and “Cotton Candy”

Overall these are great for how afforadable they are and have a good range of options for just about everyone. Super metallic lovers and those who just aren’t there yet.

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