Treasured Beauty: Unicorn Brushes

Available at: or 188 N 2nd Ave Unit B Upland, CA 91786

Price: $25 for a 10 pc set (This makes each brush $2.50)

Discount Code: DUPEDIARIES (10% off)

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes (Bristles are synthetic)


Just about every brand that offers brushes carries these magical unicorn brushes; and now Treasured Beauty does too!

These brushes are super lightweight and so so so pretty. The bristles on these brushes are soft and very flexible. You will notice that these brushes are not super packed and dense because they’re meant to be use with powders. You can use them with both liquids and powders; but they’re designed to be quick and easy to use when baking, dusting away, highlighting, blending, etc.

The set of 10 ranges from round to slanted and flat top brushes, so you really get variety in this set.


The smaller brushes are super great for blending in the eye area especially if you have sensitive eyelids that aren’t so welcoming to rougher blending brushes. They’re also amazing to use for packing on highlights… quite honestly I feel like these kinds if brushes were meant for highlight because of how pretty they look together.


As far as the size and shape of these brushes, the “Unicorn horn” part of these are a bit longer than regular brushes; but they’ll fit where your regular brushes would and definitely stand out (Especially when light shines on these, they look super cool).

Overall would I recommend these? Of course. I mean, who wouldn’t want these gorgeous brushes as part of their collection? Best part about them… no unicorns were harmed in the making.




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