D.Benoit x Zachary Liquid Lipstick Trio

Available at: Dbenoitcosmetics.com

Price: $35 for three liquid lipsticks each 7ml (.25oz)

Cruelty Free?: Yes. These are also Gluten Free and Paraben Free


Note: The color of these liquid lipsticks varies depending on your skin color and tone.

Fairy God Mother is super gorgeous violet color with pink glitter.
Placide is a perfect darker nude shade that I’m super in love with. (This shade was also the most pigmented and not streaky at all)
Boysenberry is a bit streaky but it’s a beautiful dark plum color (This one will need 2-3 layers if you want the true color. The downfall about layering this shade is that it starts to feel thick and begin to crumble in the center. Personally I like it with 1 thin layer so it won’t look as dark).


These last all day, aren’t sticky (huge plus for me), are lightweight, don’t come off easily and not drying at all. The purple colors aren’t colors I’d typically go for because they’re a bit dark for me, but I ended up really liking these.


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