Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlight

This product was in my April #BoxyCharn and I absolutely love it.

It’s definitely not the same shade as it appears on the Ofra website (It’s actually a bit darker and more golden)but none the less gorgeous!

The product comes in a lightweight compact so it’s easy to travel around with in case you need to glow up on the go. If you swatch this product, it is sooooo buttery smooth, it just feels AMAZING. Not only does it feel amazing, it looks just as amazing as it feels. Honestly it feels like I’m writing an ad because I can find no faults to the performance of this product.

Pictures do not do it justice.

(This particular shade I think would look good on just about everyone. If you’re super fair and you want to use this highlight, I’d suggest a very light layer. I’m personally not tan, but my sister is and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her, more so than on myself)

The only fault I think of that one would find with this product would probably be the price ($35 for 10 grams, however it is more product than a Becca highlighter which is $38 for approximately 8 grams)

Overall, would I recommend Rodeo Drive? Yes. It’s super amazing.

I would actually even recommend the Derma Mineral Powders, the work wonderfully as blinding highlighters. My personal favorite go to is “Pink Sapphire”

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