Crown Brush Pro Lip Stains

Available at:

Price: $13.99

Cruelty Free?: Yes


It’s always hard to try and find a really good matte liquid that isn’t going to leave your wallet hungry. So, the question is: Would I recommend these to you?

Yes! Now let’s get into the whys:

Every color I tried is pigmented. Including “Midnight Kiss” (A deep red) and “Mistress” (A deep wine shade) which are shades that in most cases are streaky. Though they aren’t streaky, they may need a second layer to get the full deepness of the color.

Of all of the shades, the most pigmented is “Bronze Medal” (A brown/bronze metallic type shade).

They all applied nicely and feel creamy while they dry. Once they dry, they are completely matte and lightweight. It doesn’t feel like like there’s anything on the lips at all.

As far as how long they last, I’m pleased to say they last all day.

I ate with these on and they still looked gorgeous. If you’re eating anything oily/greasy, you may need to retouch in the center.

Scent wise, I don’t think these smell bad at all. The closest thing I could compare it to is Carmex lip balm.

If you want a list of ingredients and all, they can easily be found on the Crown Brush website under each item.

Overall, are these worth getting? I believe so.




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