Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette Name Change

By far one of the most requested and affordable palettes by Beauty Creations. The perfect dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (with one additional shadow color)

It’s no secret that the eyeshadows are good matches for the ABH palette, even the names of the eyeshadows were the exact same.

This Beauty Creations palette was completely sold out for months at a time and now the brand has launched a restock of the “Irresistible” Palette… but with all new shade names.

The possible factor for the brand changing the shade names is to avoid conflict with the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. Nonetheless this is definitely a more inexpensive alternative for the $42 palette.

What do you think about the new names?

Available at: 

Discount Code: DUPEDIARIES

*UPDATE: I have swatched and compared the original Irresistible palette and the one with the name changes. They are NOT the same. Sadly this is definitely NOT a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette anymore*

*Photos shown were taken from @beautycreations.cosmetics on instagram*

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  1. KimandMakeup says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand. So amazing!


    1. Dupe Diaries says:

      They barely came out this year 😄 They’re super affordable too 🙂


  2. Giada says:

    i ordered it after realizing that they fhanged the names, that doesn’t bother me at all but i am looking at pictures of the new one and it seems that the colors are a bit different. am i crazy or did they change the shades


    1. Dupe Diaries says:

      Believe they should be the same, they look like it 😮 But I’ll have to swatch and compare them


    2. Judith says:

      The colors are definitely different. I got the pallet today and it disnt swatched as nearly as all tje videos i watched for it. I like the names. But this one is not a perfect dupe for abh. Which sucks because i already hit pan and my modern renaissance amd was hoping to not pay the $42 but i love it so much that im hoing to have to🤔😐


      1. So you got the one with the new names right?
        The shades from the Irresistible palette with the new names are different. They definitely changed it because the original was spot on (minus two shades).
        I noticed the difference in the Irresistible palettes right away. I’m going to work on swatches of those this week because the new Irresistible palette is NOT a dupe like the original was


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