Vera Mona Color Switch

Available at:

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Prices: Solo ($17), Duo ($20)

Click here to watch a video of the Color Switch in action


If you have been in Sephora, you have most likely seen this version of it (Shown above). The short description in the front was helpful on this design because it helped to clarify what this product is.


The Vera Mona Color switch shown above is in the original casing which you may have seen if you’ve been to beauty conventions where Vera Mona has attended previously, or ordered it online prior to the design change.


Above is the new design and personally I love this new look. Vera Mona sent me both the Solo and Duo in its super cute new design, and I’m loving the purple that was chosen.

Now on to the important things… does this product actually work? YES!

This neat tool really does remove powder products from your brush, whether it be eyeshadow, blush, highlight, etc.

Honestly it doesn’t take much for these to clean off the powders from brushes.

It doesn’t ruin your brushes what so ever… unless you’re just jamming your brush and moving it around like crazy.

I like that this product really helps me switch from using a black eyeshadow to a white eyeshadow super easily without leaving a trace of the previously used eyeshadow.

This DOES NOT replace washing your brush! It simply helps you save on brushes so you don’t have to go back and forth with 20 of the same brushes for one look. It makes the whole process so much easier, plus you save on paper towels or whatever you use to normally wipe off powders.

I guess $17 for this product does seem a bit pricey, but in the long run you save on having to use paper towels or cloths and you especially save on having to buy a bunch of brushes. Plus, most importantly, you’ll save on the time it takes to have to wash all the millions of brushes you used for one makeup look instead of just using a couple of brushes for your whole face.

Definitely a cool tool to keep around, and it was super easy to wash… just run it under soap and water and it’s cleaned up completely in less than a minute. (This I found super convent). Once you wash it, leave it out of the purple tin container so it can dry faster (Mine gets completely dry in no more than 10 minutes)


Above is the Vera mona Color Switch Duo. 

The Duo works just like the original Color Switch Solo, except this one comes with a white sponge in the center which is use to soak setting spray, water, or whatever liquid you use to intensify your eyeshadow. This is really neat because you can dip your brush, use, and wipe off with one tool.

I know that having a tool like this isn’t always convent for everyone, which is great that this wouldn’t really be an issue. Vera Mona also has the “Color Switch ProBand,” which is basically the same thing except it goes on your arm for more convenience.

Honestly, this whole review sounds more like an add than an actual review… but quite honestly this is one product that really blows me away and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend it.



  • Red-pink eyeshadow shades tend to stain brushes tip you thoroughly clean them, so you may see the bristles of your brush still red/pink even after using the Color Switch.
  • This product does not replace actually washing your brushes!
  • The actual black spongey part does need to be washed every so often that you use it (Be sure to always keep it clean!)





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