Otavea Body Scrubs Review

Available at: Otavea.com

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes

Prices: 8oz ($16.00), 4oz ($10.00), 2oz ($6.00)

Body Scrubs are always super great to have, and are an especially great way to keep your body nice and smooth. Otavea has sent me their various body scrubs which are all both vegan and cruelty free. I’m personally huge on scents and let me tell you, these all smell super amazing.

Above I have on the Chocolate + Coffee Scrub 

They’re also super easy and fast to use:

Grab and apply desired amount on moist skin

Scrub the product on your skin

Leave on for 2+ minutes


So now that we know how to use them, I’m going to break it down to you how well the ones I’ve tried so far have worked for me and what each one is designed to do.

Chocolate + Coffee

This scrub is formulated to target those problem areas of our skin… so basically:

Stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, acne, scarring, and wrinkles

This was one of the scrubs I tried out right away. I used this product on my arm area where I have some stretch marks. I’m actually excited to see how this one will continue to work because no it didn’t make them diaper right away, but it did leave my skin very smooth. I also tried this one for my face and it was amazinngggggg. My face felt super soft and more radiant after this one. (I noticed it worked even better mixing it with the strawberry scrub)

Hero (For Men)

This scrub was created to soften even the toughest and most callous skin

It targets the following:

Stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, acne, scarring, uneven skin tone and dull skin

This one I have not tried out yet, but I believe it should work similarly to the Chocolate + Coffee Scrub, just on rougher skin textures.



This scrub is meant to:

Heal + Calm the skin

Relieve irritated and swollen skin

I have not tried this scrub, but I’m super excited to. I didn’t have any swollen or irritated areas to test it out on so I didn’t think I could fully test this one out.


This scrub is meant to :

Detoxify your skin, fight acne

Fight sagging skin

Leave the skin refreshed, tighten, soft, and supple

I haven’t yet tried this one out yet, but my sister did and it left her skin glowy and really soft… plus this one smells really good.


This scrub is meant to:

Soothe tired muscles

Revive Senses

Leave a cool and refreshing feeling

This one is literally my best friend right now. I tried this scrub after an intense work out… it honestly does what it says it does. After you stop scrubbing it on and leave it for 2 minutes, you will feel that cool feeling. It’s absolutely amazing for those tired out muscles without a doubt.


This scrub is meant to:

Cleanse pores

Restore & Hydrate damaged skin

Leave a fresh & Glowing feeling

I used this scrub on my face and I really liked it. Personally, my face is the driest part of my body so I thought it’s be perfect; I definitely felt a difference in my skin after using this product. The Lemon and the Chocolate + Coffee scrubs seem to be the most ideal for this part of the body, so I’ll probably end up using those for my face more than this one; however this one did wonders for my dried up face (I did leave this on for about 10 minutes just to be sure).

So overall would I recommend these products?


Although I’ve used them only a few times, I think that even after the first use they start to show a great difference in the skin’s appearance and feel. My skin is super sensitive so I was glad that none of these irritated my skin like a lot of other scrubs that often contain harsh chemicals.

I’m super excited to continue using the ones I received and see how they continue to work.

I will be posting updates as I continue to use these products so you can see and know how well these are continuing to work for me.



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