Patchology Flashpatch Lip Gels

Available at:

Price: $15 (pack of 5)

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Note: This product needs to be put on for at least five minutes to see any type of change in your lips (It can be left on for longer)

Each of the gel patches on my face only need to be left on for 5 MINUTES 😄

I’ve been testing out these cruelty free Lip Renewal 5 minute hydrogels and the Restoring Night Eye Gels from Patchology.

I am pleasantly surprised with these. I think I have to continue trying out the night eye gels a little more because it helped the bags under my eyes a bit.

As for the lip renewal, I would say if anything it really makes my lips feel more normal… like not dry or too moisturized but just right. They’re actually neat product to use pre lipstick… especially if you’re going to use a matte liquid lipstick… for me it really made a difference especially with liquid lipsticks that normally feel a little more dry on my lips. (If you have dry/cracked lips… I’d try this out for longer than 5 minutes and rub all the extra serum on your lips after you take these off)

As for the eye gels, I found them to lightly hydrate underneath the eyes, nothing to dramatic so for the most part they were soothing.

Are these miracle workers? No. They’re basically really nice prepping tools before applying your makeup, they’re actually pretty neat overall.

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