Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lipstick Review

Available at:

Price: $13.99

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Vegan?: Yes. Also handmade.

Baby Bat Beauty sent me these gorgeous liquid lipsticks. The packaging is really cute just like the product inside and the smell is amazing (I’d describe it as kind of like a very sweet cake).

Now aside from all this, how well do they perform?

Oddly enough the wand makes it super easy to apply the product on with more precision. I actually ended up liking the wand more than I thought I would because it grabs enough product, it isn’t too big, and it makes it easier to get any small areas I missed without messing up anything around.

As far as the lipstick itself, it almost feels like I’m just swiping the wand across my lips with nothing on it. It’s so lightweight it almost feels like water… minus the dripping. It dries down fairly quick so there’s no time wasted waiting for it to dry. You also won’t need to dip the wand back into the tube for more product because the wand grabs just enough of the product… plus it’s very pigmented so only one layer is needed (This is true for all the different shades swatched above, surprisingly even “Oblivion,” which is a more burgundy shade… usually those types of shades are patchy).

Not only is the product very lightweight, but when it dries down it goes completely matte without leaving a dry feeling on the lips like most matte liquid lipsticks. There’s also absolutely no cracking throughout the entire time it’s on my lips.

It’s honestly so comfortable that when I have it on, I forget I’m wearing anything on my lips. By far thee most comfortable liquid lipstick I have ever tried.

So, how long does this product last? For me, this product lasted me all day. However, it really determines on how you eat/ what you eat and how careful you are with your lipstick. It doesn’t transfer once it’s dried down unless you eat anything soupy/oily or if you drink anything without a straw (Even then it doesn’t really come off to a point where you have to reapply, and if you do it’s just the center of the lips).

(Above is my sister wearing “Persephone” after 30 minutes…also after drinking iced tea)

I didn’t find anything I didn’t like about these liquid lipsticks from Baby Bat Beauty, I honestly really love the formula and everything about them… so this review really basically came out like an advertisement.

(The tubes themselves are very cute too, I love the pinkish purple color.)

It’s really hard finding a super high quality cruelty free + vegan liquid lipstick that is within a good price range, comfortable, doesn’t dry up my lips, pigmented, and overall amazing… so without a doubt I can honestly say these are outstanding liquid lipsticks and I’d definitely recommend them for anyone.

I even had my mom and sister put these to the test and they are probably thee most picky people I know when it comes to lipsticks and makeup in general. This is what they said:

It doesn’t feel dry, it’s not sticky, I really like this color… I like this one.

– My mom after trying the shade “Oblivion.”

It felt like oil going on my lips, but not like oil… like how it feels putting on oil, the thickness. And it didn’t feel like I had anything on, and it didn’t dry up my lips like other lipsticks. And it came off easily when I wanted to take it off.

– My sister after trying both “Oblivion” and “Persephone”

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Instagram: @BabyBatBeauty

Twitter: @BabyBatBeauty



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