Ofra Mocha Dupe Comparison + Swatches

Of the above, none of the shades are completely 100% the same in shade or formula. As far as the formula for each I’ll break it down:

Atomic Makeup NYC:

  • Very pigmented
  • Dries down matte
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable (Not drying at all)
  • Application is smooth however the product can be a bit liquidy (it doesn’t drip or run, it just feels very liquidy)
  • Smells similar to the vanilla scent Kylie liquid lipsticks have only dialed down
  • Will need a reapplication in the center of the lips at some point

Ofra Cosmetics:

  • The formula of this is very unique, I have not felt anything like it in comparison
  • Dries down matte
  • It’s lightweight
  • Moussy feel when applying
  • Moisturizing
  • Very comfortable and almost non detectable 
  • The smell is still a bit odd however I noticed this is becoming less of a problem because shades I’ve recently gotten don’t have a strong weird scent like others I have tried previously
  • May need a reapplication at some point, however I noticed I only really have to reapply it if I’m eating anything oily/greasy (like melted cheese, soup, etc.)


  • Quite honestly this one smells the best of the three, it has more of a sweet scent
  • Very pigmented
  • Lasts all day without needing a reapplication
  • Drying
  • Only one light layer is needed, otherwise it can feel thick and crack
  • Quite honestly it is extremely similar to Beauty Creation’s Liquid Lipsticks which retail for $4.99

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