Beauty Creations The Sweetest Palette Review

Available at: (Launches July 20th)

Price: $18.99 (Discount Code: “DAISYNA” for 10% off)

Cruelty Free?: Yes

The palette has similar packaging to the chocolate palettes from Too Faced.

The eyeshadows in this palette also have a slight sweet scent to them, however the “Sweetest Palette” is much more bright in packaging appearance.

This palette also contains a more uniformed performance (Overall each shade performs the same with the exception of “Fudge”)

Above are the matte shades from the palette. These are all very pigmented and very smooth to the touch. Each of them actually blend very nicely.

Fudge is also a matte shade, it’s not as pigmented as the other shades but it still works nicely (I used two swipes for the swatch of “Fudge” instead of just 1 like I did for the rest)

Honestly this palette works a lot better than the 35 eyeshadow palettes Beauty Creations carries. They also blend a bit easier. They last just as long and are a bit more pigmented. These also have no pick up when dipping a brush in unlile their smaller palettes with 9-15 shades (such as their “Boudoir” or “Irresistible” Palettes)

For these palettes, I was slightly expecting more pops of color, but I’m pleasantly surprised with the shade range. Overall the eyeshadows in this palette are personally shades I’d go for on a daily basis.

So would I reccomend this palette?

Yes. Especially if you aren’t one for super dramatic eye looks. This one is a definite go to!


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