Beauty Blvd. Confessions Trinity Tri Colour Lip Tint Review

Available at:

Price: £8.50 ($11.03 USD)

Price For All Three: £25.50 ($33.09 USD)

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Above we have the three lipsticks from the Beauty Blvd. Confessions collection. The concept of each of them containing three different shades to make one is really cool!

Plus they smell like candy! (more on the semi sour side but those always smell good… like a sour punch straw or very slighty like a jolly rancher)

So above are each of the lipsticks swatched once. You can see the different colors in the lipsticks which is pretty neat. It doesn’t really show up like this on the lips…

As far as application, these are really smooth and almost feel like nothing. They’re not thick and creamy like most lipsticks so they don’t smear all over.

They’re quite moisturizing and really comfortable. They won’t last you all day because these do transfer, so if you don’t want to have to reapply your lip product a couole of time throughout the day…these may not be for you.

Above are each of the lipsticks when you rub the lipstick back and forth like you would applying them on the lips. Pride is the lighest (but in my opinion the prettiest) so it may need a few more applications to get it deep in shade.

They pretty much appear like a tint/slight pop of color to the lips. These are pretty much great go tos if you’re in a rush or don’t want something too dramatic.

I actually keep the shade “Pride” in my purse now as an easy go to. These kind of products are really great when you don’t feel like wearing makeup but want a little something on.

So overall would I recommend these?

Yes. I personally like using these. “Lust” is a bit too pink for me, however I love the comfort and overall look of these.

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