ABH Subculture Palette Dupe


(Photo from AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com)

The palette above is the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills  Subculture Palette that has gotten plenty of mixed reviews. Some people loved it, and others claimed it was super hard to blend and not worth spending $42 on it.

Regardless of whether the palette is amazing or not, not everyone wants to drop $42 on a palette that contains only 14 shades; unless you’re planning on wearing these shadows often. Either way, a cheaper alternative is always nice to find, especially if you’re on a tighter beauty budget.


(Photo from BadHabitBeauty.com)

Above is the Retro Love palette from Bad Habit Beauty which costs $10 ($32 less than the Subculture palette). Inner packaging of the two are very similar and the eyeshadows are also very similar in shades; just placed in different areas of the palette.


(Photo from http://www.BeautyWithNeesha.com)

Above are swatches of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette


(Photo from ShopHush.com)

Above are swatches of the Bad Habit Beauty Retro Love Palette.

Both palettes are cruelty free and PETA certified.

Appearance wise, the differences between the two palettes are very minimal, so which ever one you choose to get is really up to you.




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