Beauty Creations Tease Me Matte Lipsticks


Price: $4.99 (All 20 shades + eyeshadow palette= $94.99)

Discount Code: DAISYNA

Cruelty Free?: Yes
So Beauty Creatipns came out with 20 brand new matte lipsticks that come in a similar packaging to Mac’s. A very simple, lightweight bullet form. A noteable difference would be the packaging color, Mac’s is a plain black with “MAC” written on it and a silver lining. Whereas these on the outside are suppose to be the color of the lipstick inside (which really helps so you dont have open every tube to find the one you want).

And on another plus side, these are cruelty free and a lot more affordable, unlike Mac.

The pigmentation of these lipsticks is amazing. They really just glide on, and without being sheer or glossy.

Even though they are tradition regular lipstick (as opposed to matte liquid lipstick), these do stay on really well. Because they arent a dried down formula  like liquid lipsticks, these do transfer when you eat or drink.

The nudes in the collection are really pretty, but I do see the ones up above as nudes more for fair-light medium skin tones because they are pretty light in color

(I think “Naughty” sould look really good on deeper tones. Hopefully they’ll expand the nude shade range to accommodate anyone who doesn’t think these are suitable for their tone)

Not sure if you really paid much attention to the lipstick names of this “Tease Me” collection, but they all flow in together.

Last but not least, the deeper shades. I think these shades above would really compliment and skin tone rather well. These are colors pretty much anyone could pull off. (SideNote: “Kiss MeandBerry Muchare my favorite of the collection)

So… what do you think about this collection?

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