Discount Codes

Listed below is the complete list of discount codes available for you via Dupe Diaries.
While some of these are affiliated codes, they are here for the purpose of saving you money on some high quality cruelty free brands/products.

All affiliated codes/links are marked with an asterik (*)
All affiliated links will be listed as well, even if there is no discount code.
​Please note that affiliated links/codes are used throughout this website.

Discount Codes:

Athena Lashes*
Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” at checkout (10% off)


Beauty Creations Cosmetics *

Discount Code: “DAISYNA” (10% off)


DODO Lashes*

Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” (5% off)


Glow For A Cause
Discount Code: “GLOW25” at checkout (25% off)


Lash Makeup
​Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” at checkout (10% off)


Loving Tan
Code: dupediaries (free application mitt with purchase of a mousse)


Tori Lala Cosmetics
Discount Code: “DIARIES” at checkout (20% off)


Treasured Beauty
Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” at checkcout (10% off + free gift)


YoYo Lash *
Discount Code: “DUPEDIARIES” at checkout (5% off)



Affiliate Links

Beauty Glamour Box*

Besame Cosmetics*

Bdellium Tools*

Furless Cosmetics *

Lily Lashes*


Planet Beauty*

SauceBox Cosmetics*

Too Faced Cosmetics*