Why do you only post cruelty free?

  • I believe that it is not necessary for a company to test their products on animals. Animals should not need to suffer for our personal gain. Why do companies feel the need to test their products on animals? What ingredients are they using in their products that make it “necessary” to test on animals before humans (who would be the ones using the product)?

What is the difference between Cruelty Free and Vegan?

  • Cruelty Free: Products are not tested on animals
  • Vegan: Products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients
    There are also some products that are both vegan and cruelty free.

Please note: A product can be vegan but still tested on animals, and a product might not be tested on animals but can contain animal derived ingredients.

How can I get you to promote my brand?

  • If your brand is cruelty free and you would like me to try your products, please contact me at dupediary@gmail.com

How Can I get my brand on the “Cruelty Free” List (And or Vegan Lists)

Please contact me at dupediary@gmail.com
If for any reason, your brand/company decides to test on animals, it will be removed from the list effective immediately.

How can I request a dupe?

You may request them on any platform that you so choose:

Please note that it can take time to find a cruelty free and affordable alternative for any product.

Why do some post say “Alternatives” and some say “Dupes?”

  • Often, I will try to find affordable cruelty free products similar to popular products that will be sold out quickly, products that are not affordable for everyone, or products that are in high demand but are not cruelty free.
  • ​Products which are listed as “alternatives” were found to be similar to a product that has not come out yet or I simply do not own the product (I find these “alternatives” by studying the swatches released by the brand, using the model swatch closest to my own skin color and comparing swatches from there).
  • Dupes” refer to identical products usually found after the product at hand has been released and can be confirmed to be the same (Usually color wise, unless otherwise noted).

What does “Dupe” mean?

  • Dupe is basically short for duplicate.
    So in this case, makeup products similar to one another

What does “affiliate” mean?

  • Basically, when an affiliate code/link is used, the brand/company is able to track the sales that are generated and I recieve a small commission from those purchases made.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Although some codes/links are affiliated, it does not mean I am telling you discount codes and links for products that do not work. I test out all products before I recommend them, that way you will be able to bring home products that you will hopefully love as much as I did. Please also see reviews I post on products prior to any purchases you make, or feel free to contact me and send me any questions you may have.